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fall 2022

instructor: Rachel R. Kondrath, Tony Fanning

Software: Photoshop, AutoCAD, Maya, Sketchup

Beauty is only skin deep – or is it? While we like to think that there is more than that meets the eye, there are societies that cannot seem to escape the pitfalls that beauty standards impose upon their people. Advantageous is a story about such a society where preferences for certain appearances are taken to an extreme level and, ultimately, call for the commodification of individuals.

Considering how the core conflict of Advantageous stems from Gwen’s inability to find a job because of her failings to meet the societal standards of beauty, the world of Advantageous is not too distant from that of Korea. Thus, I would like to set Advantageous in Korea, more specifically in the city of Busan. While my goal for this project is not necessarily to be site-specific, I will draw inspirations from many of Busan’s qualities, including its characteristics of a port city and the aesthetics of Park Marina. Designing in the style of a modern engineering firm will present a unique challenge for me in that it will force me to design in terms of forms and solids rather than colour and detail. 


My intention is to create a hyperrealist Korean society that is all too familiar. In this world, beauty is the ultimate moral. Everyone strives to be beautiful, and it is not uncommon for people to be denied opportunities and jobs because they fail to meet the Korean standard of “beautiful.” 

Illustration and Model for Gwen's Apartment

Ground Plan and Sections for Gwen's Apartment

Research and Character Gallery

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